Rock Wallaby

rock wallaby

Original acrylic painting on Masonite 730 x 495 mm £500.

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Stalking yellow-footed Rock Wallabies on the edge of Wilpena Pound, Australia.

I constantly mistook the direction when down-under, my usual in-built sense of direction being totally flummoxed by the sun being in the wrong hemisphere.

It took me a while to work that out (when first arriving in New Zealand), though initially it was just a mixture of jet-lag and too much partying on the 'plane (well there were only a handful of us and a guitar on the way over from the US - a cargo door had failed on the aircraft we were scheduled to take - so very few of us actually boarded the replacement).

I spent a few hours playing hide-and-seek with the Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby amongst the rocks of the Pound's edge, and what was left of the day wandering in splendid isolation across the interior's flat floor. It was like being in another time and place, strange, but I can still feel it now.

Looking north-east toward the approach road to the Pound.