Natural Capital Agency

Government policy has seen an increasing focus on environmental measures with the Environment Act (2021) and agricultural policy focused on the delivery of environmental benefit with ‘public money for public goods’ as well as food production.

Here at Addisons Surveyors LLP in Barnard Castle, County Durham, I've been developing over the last year a Registry for Natural Capital - Biodiversity Net Gain, Carbon Credits and Nutrient Credits.

With the guidance published on Wednesday, 21 February 2023, we now have certainty that the mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain market will start this November and our independent selling platform will be able to operate as planned. With Government taking a hands-off approach, we can form increasingly stronger operational links with Local Planning Authorities and direct communication with Developers, ensuring a national marketplace for this new environmental credit.

As the Basic Payment Scheme fades away, this new source of non-taxpayer funded income for landowners is very welcome and Biodiversity Units are set to be around for a long time.