Basic Payment Scheme

Well, the Basic Payment Scheme is now open for applications, so get going! The rates have begun to be progressively reduced but are still very much here, including young farmer payments and there has been a surge in interest in the Lump Sum Exit scheme, which does warrant careful consideration.

The key date this year to get any entitlement transfers done, for land at your disposal and the application deadline to avoid penalties, is 16 May 2022. This is also true for the Countryside Stewardship revenue claims (open until 16 May without penalty) and there are the new Mid Tier & Wildlife Offers, Higher Tier and Capital grants with their higher rates.

Now the Sustainable Farm Incentive is just around the corner, and BPS payments will be delinked, it has never been more important to take stock of your farming direction, to review the new schemes and grants available to you, and vital that your records are up to date and verified with the RPA.

Woodland Creation is becoming more important in the Governments strategy, but again it requires careful consideration within your farming enterprise. Early planning is fundamental to the interaction of these new schemes, particularly with a view to any Carbon sequestering or trading.