David Hall was born in Skipton, UK. He graduated from the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester and went on to study Scientific Illustration at Blackpool and Fylde College - working as a freelance illustrator, rural estate manager and artist.

David featured in Images 11 the Best of British Illustration, 1986 and has an MSc in Natural Resource Management and an MSc in Geographical Information Systems. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2004.

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During this uncertain time, I am taking the opportunity to revisit my painting after a few years of neglect...

mountains hill pass pass pass pass pass

...additionally this offords the time to detail the curious case of the paintings that have mysteriously gone missing, or maybe I've just forgotten where they are!?

Please contact me if anybody knows the whereabouts of any of these, thanks.

auster.jpg beeches.jpg cray.jpg dib.jpg elephant.jpg fox.jpg geagle.jpg old-pigsty.jpg owl-study.jpg quiet.jpg shelduck.jpg snipe.jpg snowy-owl.jpg stage.jpg thief.jpg waters.jpg ywagtail.jpg