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Government policy has seen an increasing focus on environmental measures with the Environment Act (2021) and agricultural policy focused on the delivery of environmental benefit with ‘public money for public goods’ as well as food production.

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Addisons can help you realise the natural potential of your land by attracting private funding to create and enhance habitats for biodiversity via Biodiversity Net Gain, create Carbon Credits from new woodland and achieve Nutrient Neutrality.

Our client’s Biodiversity units will be recorded on the Governments Biodiversity Net Gain register.


We can advise on calculating the net gain or nutrient neutrality required for your development and whether you can provide this on the existing site. This would involve a site visit and an appropriate ecological survey to calculate the development site’s baseline. We would then advise you on the actions required to create as much onsite gain as possible or what units you can purchase elsewhere if necessary.

If you need to buy Biodiversity or Nutient units we can introduce you to landowners that can match your requirements and location, or simply purchase ‘banked’ units from our registry. Contact for login details

Land Owners

If you are interested in enhancing your land and having a listing on the registry, or have already completed a Biodiversity Metric calculation and wish us to find a buyer for you, please contact us.